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Welcome to the 2017 Season

2017 marks the fifth year of Ladies Dream Golf. We should all be proud of the community we have built together in our first four seasons! My hopes for 2017 are that we continue to grow our membership and that we make a significant financial contribution to the Symetra Tour player we are sponsoring this year, Julia Roth. See our season kick-off Hangout video to meet Julia → 2017 Ladies Dream Golf Kick-Off.

Playing on the Symetra Tour is a stepping stone for many professional golfers whose goal it is to play on the LPGA Tour. Unfortunately, it is also a very expensive endeavor. The expenses associated with playing in tournaments add up quickly: $500 entry fee for each tournament, travel expenses, caddy fees .... A conservative estimate of the total cost for a player who participates in a full Symetra Tour season is in the range of $30,000 to $40,000. With small purses (compared to the LPGA), only the top Symetra Tour players earn enough in prize money to cover their expenses. Ladies Dream Golf provides a fun atmosphere for fans of ladies professional golf to come together to play fantasy golf, while supporting an LPGA-bound Symetra Tour player needing financial support to reach their dreams.

Ladies Dream Golf has been restructured for 2017 with the goal of maximizing the money that goes directly to Julia for her 2017 Symetra Tour expenses. The high points are:

  • We are utilizing a “crowd-funding” incentive ladder to entice fantasy golfers to support Julia. Each step on the ladder (Donation Level) earns you fantasy golf playing privileges and/or exclusive gifts from Julia and Ladies Dream Golf. Additionally, each step builds on the previous steps, meaning you earn not only the privileges/gifts for the Donation Level you choose, but all the privileges/gifts for the Donation Levels previous to that one!

  • Pick-4 winners will receive sponsor-provided prizes this year rather than cash prizes. We have an awesome line-up of sponsors providing exceptional prizes including Ball Couture, Players Towel, and Photo Ball Marker.

For those of you who enjoy the cash prize aspect of Ladies Dream Golf, note that the grand prize for the season-long "Make-the-Cut" fantasy golf game has increased to $350!

Your first order of business in 2017 will be to choose your Donation Level. Take a look at the Choose Donation Level page for a complete description of the playing privileges and gifts you can earn. Note that you can increase your Donation Level at any time during the season. 100% of the funds collected go directly to Julia. Please help us grow the community (and as a result increase our contribution to Julia) by telling your friends and followers about Ladies Dream Golf.

Fantasy Golf Games

As in 2016, Ladies Dream Golf will be running two different fantasy golf games, both revolving around LPGA Tournaments. You can play one or play both, depending on your selected Donation Level.

Pick-4 Challenge

The Pick-4 Challenge is a an individual tournament competition. Play as many or few tournaments as you wish. For each tournament, you will select one pro player from each of the four pre-defined pick groups. After each tournament, you are awarded points based on the amount of money your selected pros earn. You earn bonus points if all four of your selected players make the cut. The Fantasy Golfer with the highest point total for the tournament wins!

You can play Pick-4 for free, but in order to be eligible for the Pick-4 prize for an individual tournament, you must select Donation Level Par or higher. For details, read the Pick-4 description and rules.

Make The Cut

The Make the Cut Challenge is a season-long game in which you simply pick one player each tournament who you think will make the cut. If your player makes the cut, you continue to the next tournament. If your player does NOT make the cut, you are eliminated. The one catch is that you can pick each pro player only once during the season (per entry). The last Make-the-Cut fantasy golfer standing gets the $350 prize.

Because of the nature of the Make the Cut game, you must qualify to play prior to the Pick Period expiration of the first 2016 LPGA Tournament (Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic) at 7:00am Eastern Time on January 26, 2107.

In order to qualify to play Make-the-Cut, you must select a Donation Level of Birdie or higher. The higher your Donation Level, the more Make-the-Pick entries you get:

  • Birdie: 4 entries
  • Albatross: 8 entries
  • Hole-in-One: 10 entries

For more information, read the Make The Cut description and rules. Then, choose a Donation Level of at least Birdie prior to the January 26 deadline.

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