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Back on the Road again

Hi guys! It's been a while! A lot has happened since my last blog, so let's catch up…

The Symetra Tour kicked off the season in Beaumont, California in mid-February, but then had a 6 week break before returning to Lake Wales, Florida last week for the second event of the year. We are now in Ft. Myers, Florida for the Chico's Patty Berg Memorial. It's our first 4-day event of the year (I think there are 5 total) and the format is very different. We'll be playing alongside the LPGA Legends Tour on Saturday and Sunday. The Legends will play for their own purse, while Symetra plays for theirs. Last year I had the privilege of playing with Sandra Haynie on Saturday and then JoAnne Carner on Sunday. Not only was it fun, but it was very cool to be able to pick these women's brains about how they play the game and what life on tour was like back when they were competing. There were some downsides however. I mean, getting outdriven by someone nearly 50 years older than you didn't feel the greatest, but ya know…I got over it.

Anyway, moving on…

It was a pretty low-key couple of weeks between California and Lake Wales. I got to relax a little bit and take a break from golf, make some new friends, see old ones, and I got some new sticks! I went through a very fine-tuned fitting process to see which clubhead/shaft combination works the best for my golf swing. It is a very intricate process, but worth it to be able to swing with confidence, knowing that these clubs are made exactly for ME. I was fit with all TaylorMade equipment from putter to driver. I was able to pick up 10 yards of distance with the new M1 Driver and Fubuki J Series shaft. I've been working out pretty hard in the gym this offseason just to gain even 5 more yards of distance, so to pick up some distance just by changing clubs was really nice. As the game and equipment evolve, the courses start to get longer and players start pushing each other to get better both on the golf course and in the gym.

There are some other new developments on tour this year. For starters, I am now one of TWO, yes TWO, left-handed golfers on tour this year. I saw another girl hitting left-handed on the driving range in Lake Wales and immediately went up to her like she was my long-lost twin separated at birth. Let's just say she didn't find as much excitement in it as I did, but that's ok. I am also now working with a full-time professional caddie each week. We are slowly learning how to work together as a team which I feel will be extremely beneficial throughout the season. Updates on that to come...

I probably speak for most of the tour when I say that I was getting a little bit of cabin fever during those 6 long off-weeks. Everyone is now super anxious and ready to get back into the swing of things. We are just getting started on a stretch of 8 tournaments in 9 weeks that will take us from Florida to the Carolinas to the Northeast. This is when the fun starts. Each week is a new city, a new golf course, new people, and a brand new opportunity to get your name to the top of the leader board come Sunday afternoon. Make sure to follow along on or!

Photo Credit: Scott A. Miller


Well thanks for the update

Well thanks for the update Brittney , and sounds like a busy and eventful several weeks !
Play well and have fun ! We here are all rooting for you , Good Luck !

Thanks a lot Darrell!!

Thanks a lot Darrell!!

Brittney, will you be playing

Brittney, will you be playing at WB Mason in Brockton MA this week? I live fairly close and being a LDG player and a lefty golfer myself, I hope to make the trip if you're there.. Thanks, Ned

Sorry for misspelling

Sorry for misspelling Brittany

Hey Ned, yes! I will be in

Hey Ned, yes! I will be in Brockton this week playing the WB Mason. See you out there!

Brittany, it was really nice

Brittany, it was really nice to meet you and your dad today, and even more fun to watch you play. Nice round! Good luck the rest of the weekend and the season. I'll be rooting for you!

Ned, thank you so much for

Ned, thank you so much for coming out today and all of your support this year! I appreciate it so much!