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my start to 2016

Hola !! It’s hard to believe we are already in May!! After lots of private concerts in my car and all kinds of landscapes and weathers... 9 hours later I arrived to Greenwood, SC

I didn't realize how close to Augusta it is. It gave me goose bumps just driving thru town. Such a special place,and coming to a special week for me.The event in Greenwood has the biggest purse on the Symetra Tour and is my first Major tournament on Symetra

My week off was very busy and productive. I worked with my fitness trainer, mental coach and swing coach. Played catch up with some friends and spent some quality time with my 2 favs. Eva & Jaden, my niece and nephew. They always find a way to lighten my day.

The Florida events were such a roller coaster for me. I went to Lake Wales event as an alternate. Practiced and prepared to play until the last group teed off on Friday afternoon. I didn't get to play the event.It was hard being there and not been able to play. But in the end it was a very good practice week and motivated me to not want to be in same situation again.

The following Monday I got a call from the tour. They notified me that I was in the field for the following event in Ft. Myers . Ft. Myers was cool from the start. I got to learn about the founders of the LPGA and how the tour started. I played and practiced with some of the Legends players and I was paired with Judy Dickinson (see picture above with Shannon FIsh, Judy Dickinson, and me).

To top that I had a pretty good week. My high light was the second day of play coming down the stretch I was aware of the cut line and finished strong to making some clutch putts to get myself into the weekend. On Saturday, the back nine didn't go well. I rebounded with one of the lowest rounds on Sunday to moved up 20 spots on the leaderboard and finished 39th.This tournament meant a lot, making this cut with a bigger purse put me on a better position for the rest of the season.

Going to Los Angeles at the beginning of the season was such a good move. Even thou the results weren't my best it made me aware of what I needed to work on in my game and what would most and help me. I want to thank Ladies Dream golf for the awesome support of sponsoring me.

In all of these events I stayed at housing except in Lake Wales, I stayed with my good friend on tour Paola. I have been very fortunate that all my hosts have been lovely . Thank you for all the kind people that always open their homes to us! It makes huge difference.

I also wanted to share that I teamed up with Jo Fit!! I love all their clothes, if you haven't seen them you must check them out. Most importantly it fits and is very comfortable. I also made some changes in my bag before the Florida events. My new driver is a Cobra F6, 3 wood Md2 Taylormade and my putter its an Oddyssey. Love them!!

I am so Happy to be here in Greenwood! We start playing on Thursday. So Practice rounds and events started today :) I hope everyone is enjoying what their doing where ever you are !
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Good luck Sandy!

Good luck Sandy!