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Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

First time for everything..

People say there’s a first time for everything here in life and this blog post will be my first blog post I do in English.. I apologize in advance if there’s a language error here or there .. :)

My name is Julia Roth, and I’m born and raised in Sweden. As a 19 year old I moved to Conway, Arkansas to attend University of Central Arkansas. I would lie if I didn’t say that was a pretty big culture shock.

I’m very thankful for my years at UCA and for all the people I met during my time in Conway, Arkansas. I learned a ton about myself as a person and also as a golfer. It was during my time at UCA I decided to give golf a chance and to become a professional golfer..

3 years later I have just finished my second year on the Symetra Tour and I’m now looking forward to kick off the 2017 season and to be a part of Ladies Dream Golf. A year ago I contacted Kelley and since then she’s been one of my true supporters and she has followed my progress throughout my season.

2016 was my by far best season as a professional golfer and I made some huge progress on the course but also off the course. I'm really excited for this year both for me as a golfer but also to learn more about Ladies Dream Golf, hopefully meet some of you guys who are supporting me and together we can make some great new memories.

I would like to send a huge thank you to those of you who decide to support me and also will be playing Ladies Dream golf during 2017.

Your support will mean the world to me so THANK YOU! With hope of an awesome 2017.

Peace and love,


That was nice read Julia , I

That was nice read Julia , I hope you have a great 2017 and we ALL here will be behind you Rooting for you !!!! :-)

Can't wait to see you play!

Can't wait to see you play! Best of luck this season.