Make The Cut: 2017 ANA Inspiration

Entry Name Primary Pick Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
ak32-1 Inbee Park Lydia Ko Inbee Park Survived
ak32-4 Ariya Jutanugarn Lydia Ko Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bkbisu-1 Ha-Na Jang Xiyu Lin Ha-Na Jang Survived
bkbisu-2 Lydia Ko Xiyu Lin Lydia Ko Survived
bkbisu-3 Ariya Jutanugarn Xiyu Lin Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bkbisu-7 Stacy Lewis Xiyu Lin Stacy Lewis Survived
bkbisu-8 So Yeon Ryu Xiyu Lin So Yeon Ryu Survived
bkbisu-9 In Gee Chun Aditi Ashok In Gee Chun Survived
bribrim-1 So Yeon Ryu Anna Nordqvist So Yeon Ryu Survived
bribrim-3 Ariya Jutanugarn Ha-Na Jang Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bribrim-4 Mi Rim Lee Inbee Park Mi Rim Lee Survived
bribrim-5 Inbee Park Mi Rim Lee Inbee Park Survived
bribrim-7 Ha-Na Jang Ariya Jutanugarn Ha-Na Jang Survived
bribrim-9 Anna Nordqvist So Yeon Ryu Anna Nordqvist Survived
colydou-3 Cristie Kerr Brittany Lang Cristie Kerr Survived
colydou-7 Anna Nordqvist Caroline Hedwall Anna Nordqvist Survived
colydou-8 Gerina Piller Beth Allen Gerina Piller Survived
cooler4-2 Gerina Piller Amy Yang Gerina Piller Survived
cooler4-4 Ha-Na Jang Inbee Park Ha-Na Jang Survived
cthiemens1-3 Lexi Thompson Lizette Salas Lexi Thompson Survived
DBL45-1 Inbee Park Lexi Thompson Inbee Park Survived
DBL45-2 In Gee Chun So Yeon Ryu In Gee Chun Survived
Dennisr-2 Pornanong Phatlum Bo-Mee Lee Pornanong Phatlum Survived
DigitalGolf-1 Shanshan Feng Ariya Jutanugarn Shanshan Feng Survived
DMPDetroit-1 Anna Nordqvist Marina Alex Anna Nordqvist Survived
DMPDetroit-4 Carlota Ciganda Alena Sharp Carlota Ciganda Survived
Dougjnew12014-1 Anna Nordqvist Caroline Masson Anna Nordqvist Survived
DWilliams-1 Ha-Na Jang Alison Lee Ha-Na Jang Survived
GarethClayton-1 So Yeon Ryu Sung Hyun Park So Yeon Ryu Survived
GarethClayton-2 Shanshan Feng Inbee Park Shanshan Feng Survived
girardg-1 Ariya Jutanugarn Gerina Piller Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
girardg-2 In Gee Chun Brooke M. Henderson In Gee Chun Survived
girardg-3 Inbee Park Lydia Ko Inbee Park Survived
girardg-4 Sung Hyun Park Anna Nordqvist Sung Hyun Park Survived
Kekster-4 Anna Nordqvist Brittany Lincicome Anna Nordqvist Survived
Lab7777-1 Anna Nordqvist Inbee Park Anna Nordqvist Survived
Lab7777-3 Ha-Na Jang Brittany Lincicome Ha-Na Jang Survived
Lab7777-4 Ariya Jutanugarn Lexi Thompson Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
lbeazy-2 Ariya Jutanugarn Anna Nordqvist Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
Lemon-1 Anna Nordqvist Danielle Kang Anna Nordqvist Survived
Lemon-3 So Yeon Ryu Danielle Kang So Yeon Ryu Survived
Lemon-4 Mo Martin Danielle Kang Mo Martin Survived
Manatees-4 Anna Nordqvist Ariya Jutanugarn Anna Nordqvist Survived
Manatees-5 Austin Ernst Ariya Jutanugarn Austin Ernst Survived
Megan Osland-4 Amy Yang Austin Ernst Amy Yang Survived
mhpuey-1 Stacy Lewis Ariya Jutanugarn Stacy Lewis Survived
mhpuey-3 Anna Nordqvist Lexi Thompson Anna Nordqvist Survived
MikeyZ21-1 Ariya Jutanugarn Amy Yang Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
MikeyZ21-2 Inbee Park Anna Nordqvist Inbee Park Survived
MikeyZ21-4 Ha-Na Jang In Gee Chun Ha-Na Jang Survived
Mikiemcg1-1 Lydia Ko Harukyo Nomura Lydia Ko Survived
Mikiemcg1-2 In Gee Chun Stacy Lewis In Gee Chun Survived
Mikiemcg1-3 Lexi Thompson Sarah Jane Smith Lexi Thompson Survived
Mikiemcg1-4 Chella Choi Moriya Jutanugarn Chella Choi Survived
MillWood-1 Michelle Wie Ha-Na Jang Michelle Wie Survived
nevblake-1 So Yeon Ryu Brittany Lincicome So Yeon Ryu Survived
nevblake-3 Inbee Park In Gee Chun Inbee Park Survived
Perpetual Fade-2 Ariya Jutanugarn Brittany Lang Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
Perpetual Fade-4 In Gee Chun Chella Choi In Gee Chun Survived
Pushing100-2 Shanshan Feng Amy Yang Shanshan Feng Survived
Pushing100-3 Inbee Park In Gee Chun Inbee Park Survived
ReGripped-2 Gerina Piller Gerina Piller Survived
ReGripped-4 Gerina Piller Gerina Piller Survived
rysr1948-3 Ariya Jutanugarn Jessica Korda Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
sandypar_am-1 Ariya Jutanugarn Carlota Ciganda Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
sandypar_am-2 Inbee Park Cristie Kerr Inbee Park Survived
Senga-1 Lexi Thompson Brooke M. Henderson Lexi Thompson Survived
Swedish_birdie-2 In Gee Chun Ha-Na Jang In Gee Chun Survived
Tiefa-2 Shanshan Feng Austin Ernst Shanshan Feng Survived
Tiefa-3 So Yeon Ryu Gerina Piller So Yeon Ryu Survived
Tiefa-4 Mi Rim Lee Angela Stanford Mi Rim Lee Survived
Tuttafan-1 Gerina Piller Inbee Park Gerina Piller Survived
Tuttafan-3 Amy Yang Gerina Piller Amy Yang Survived
Tuttafan-8 Lexi Thompson Inbee Park Lexi Thompson Survived
yemanator-1 Ha-Na Jang In Gee Chun Ha-Na Jang Survived
yemanator-2 Anna Nordqvist Lexi Thompson Anna Nordqvist Survived
colydou-1 Brittany Lincicome Candie Kung Brittany Lincicome Eliminated (Missed Cut)
colydou-6 Hee Young Park Christina Kim Hee Young Park Eliminated (Missed Cut)
DMPDetroit-3 Catriona Matthew Jenny Shin Catriona Matthew Eliminated (Missed Cut)
DrDreNoCal-4 Brittany Lincicome Lexi Thompson Brittany Lincicome Eliminated (Missed Cut)
feesfliers-2 Brittany Lincicome Pornanong Phatlum Brittany Lincicome Eliminated (Missed Cut)
rysr1948-1 Brittany Lincicome Cristie Kerr Brittany Lincicome Eliminated (Missed Cut)

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