Make the Cut: 2017 Founders Cup

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Number of MTC Survivors entering this tournament: 151

Number of MTC Participants who forgot to make their picks: 4

Number of MTC Participants who made invalid picks: 0

Number of MTC Participants whose Final Pick missed the cut in this tournament: 29

Number of MTC Participants Eliminated in this tournament: 33

Most Picked Pro Players

Pro Player# Times PickedPercentage of Total PicksResult
Ha-Na Jang149Made Cut
Amy Yang128Made Cut
Ariya Jutanugarn96Made Cut
Brooke M. Henderson85Made Cut
Anna Nordqvist64Made Cut
Inbee Park64Made Cut
Lexi Thompson64CUT
Lydia Ko64Made Cut
In Gee Chun53Made Cut
Harukyo Nomura43Made Cut
Stacy Lewis43Made Cut

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