Make The Cut: 2017 Kia Classic

Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

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Entry Name Primary Pick Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
Megan Osland-4 Beth Allen Harukyo Nomura Beth Allen Survived
sandypar_am-1 Jacqui Concolino Austin Ernst Jacqui Concolino Survived
sandypar_am-2 Stacy Lewis Yani Tseng Stacy Lewis Survived
Brittany_Benven24-1 I. K. Kim I. K. Kim Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Megan Osland-1 Minjee Lee Austin Ernst Minjee Lee Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Megan Osland-3 Charley Hull Ayako Uehara Ayako Uehara Eliminated (Missed Cut)