Make The Cut: 2017 Kingsmill Championship

Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

Entry Name Primary Pick Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
ak32-1 So Yeon Ryu Lydia Ko So Yeon Ryu Survived
bkbisu-1 Sung Hyun Park Carlota Ciganda Sung Hyun Park Survived
bkbisu-2 Mi Jung Hur Carlota Ciganda Mi Jung Hur Survived
bkbisu-3 Mi Rim Lee Carlota Ciganda Mi Rim Lee Survived
bkbisu-8 Ariya Jutanugarn Carlota Ciganda Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bribrim-3 In Gee Chun Sei Young Kim In Gee Chun Survived
bribrim-4 Shanshan Feng So Yeon Ryu Shanshan Feng Survived
bribrim-5 Lexi Thompson Lydia Ko Lexi Thompson Survived
bribrim-7 Ariya Jutanugarn Shanshan Feng Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bribrim-9 Lydia Ko Lexi Thompson Lydia Ko Survived
colydou-3 Anna Nordqvist Bronte Law Anna Nordqvist Survived
colydou-7 Brooke M. Henderson Angel Yin Brooke M. Henderson Survived
colydou-8 So Yeon Ryu Paula Reto So Yeon Ryu Survived
cooler4-2 Mi Rim Lee Mi Jung Hur Mi Rim Lee Survived
cthiemens1-3 Cristie Kerr So Yeon Ryu Cristie Kerr Survived
DBL45-1 Cristie Kerr Chella Choi Cristie Kerr Survived
DBL45-2 Brooke M. Henderson Angela Stanford Brooke M. Henderson Survived
DMPDetroit-1 Mi Jung Hur Ryann O'Toole Mi Jung Hur Survived
Dougjnew12014-1 Lexi Thompson Amy Yang Lexi Thompson Survived
girardg-1 Cristie Kerr Sung Hyun Park Cristie Kerr Survived
girardg-2 So Yeon Ryu Cristie Kerr So Yeon Ryu Survived
girardg-3 In Gee Chun Lexi Thompson In Gee Chun Survived
girardg-4 Sei Young Kim Lydia Ko Sei Young Kim Survived
Lab7777-1 Sei Young Kim Cristie Kerr Sei Young Kim Survived
Lab7777-4 So Yeon Ryu Sei Young Kim So Yeon Ryu Survived
lbeazy-2 In Gee Chun Brooke M. Henderson In Gee Chun Survived
Lemon-1 Harukyo Nomura Gerina Piller Harukyo Nomura Survived
Lemon-3 Mi Jung Hur Gerina Piller Mi Jung Hur Survived
Lemon-4 Cristie Kerr Gerina Piller Cristie Kerr Survived
Manatees-4 Cristie Kerr Brooke M. Henderson Cristie Kerr Survived
Manatees-5 Suzann Pettersen Brooke M. Henderson Suzann Pettersen Survived
mhpuey-1 Lexi Thompson Amy Yang Lexi Thompson Survived
mhpuey-3 So Yeon Ryu Gerina Piller So Yeon Ryu Survived
MikeyZ21-1 So Yeon Ryu Brittany Lang So Yeon Ryu Survived
MikeyZ21-2 Suzann Pettersen Sung Hyun Park Suzann Pettersen Survived
MikeyZ21-4 Ariya Jutanugarn Moriya Jutanugarn Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
Mikiemcg1-4 Sarah Jane Smith Brittany Lang Sarah Jane Smith Survived
nevblake-1 Minjee Lee Jessica Korda Minjee Lee Survived
nevblake-3 So Yeon Ryu Mi Jung Hur So Yeon Ryu Survived
Perpetual Fade-2 Anna Nordqvist Anna Nordqvist Survived
Perpetual Fade-4 Gerina Piller Gerina Piller Survived
Pushing100-2 Amy Yang Chella Choi Amy Yang Survived
ReGripped-2 Sei Young Kim Sei Young Kim Survived
ReGripped-4 Sei Young Kim Sei Young Kim Survived
rysr1948-3 Cristie Kerr Nelly Korda Cristie Kerr Survived
sandypar_am-2 Brooke M. Henderson Azahara Munoz Brooke M. Henderson Survived
Swedish_birdie-2 Lexi Thompson Sei Young Kim Lexi Thompson Survived
Tiefa-2 So Yeon Ryu Anna Nordqvist So Yeon Ryu Survived
Tiefa-3 Anna Nordqvist Ariya Jutanugarn Anna Nordqvist Survived
Tiefa-4 Cristie Kerr Mi Jung Hur Cristie Kerr Survived
Tuttafan-1 Cristie Kerr Brooke M. Henderson Cristie Kerr Survived
Tuttafan-8 So Yeon Ryu Ariya Jutanugarn So Yeon Ryu Survived
yemanator-2 Ariya Jutanugarn Brittany Lang Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bkbisu-7 Caroline Masson Carlota Ciganda Caroline Masson Eliminated (Missed Cut)
bkbisu-9 Azahara Munoz Carlota Ciganda Azahara Munoz Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Mikiemcg1-1 Chella Choi Azahara Munoz Chella Choi Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Mikiemcg1-2 Lizette Salas Jenny Shin Lizette Salas Eliminated (Missed Cut)
MillWood-1 Yani Tseng Gerina Piller Yani Tseng Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Pushing100-3 Chella Choi Amy Yang Chella Choi Eliminated (Missed Cut)
yemanator-1 Morgan Pressel Brittany Lang Morgan Pressel Eliminated (Missed Cut)