Make The Cut: 2017 Kingsmill Championship

Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

Entry Name Primary Picksort descending Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
Pushing100-2 Amy Yang Chella Choi Amy Yang Survived
colydou-3 Anna Nordqvist Bronte Law Anna Nordqvist Survived
Perpetual Fade-2 Anna Nordqvist Anna Nordqvist Survived
Tiefa-3 Anna Nordqvist Ariya Jutanugarn Anna Nordqvist Survived
bribrim-7 Ariya Jutanugarn Shanshan Feng Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
yemanator-2 Ariya Jutanugarn Brittany Lang Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bkbisu-8 Ariya Jutanugarn Carlota Ciganda Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
MikeyZ21-4 Ariya Jutanugarn Moriya Jutanugarn Ariya Jutanugarn Survived
bkbisu-9 Azahara Munoz Carlota Ciganda Azahara Munoz Eliminated (Missed Cut)
colydou-7 Brooke M. Henderson Angel Yin Brooke M. Henderson Survived
DBL45-2 Brooke M. Henderson Angela Stanford Brooke M. Henderson Survived
sandypar_am-2 Brooke M. Henderson Azahara Munoz Brooke M. Henderson Survived
bkbisu-7 Caroline Masson Carlota Ciganda Caroline Masson Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Pushing100-3 Chella Choi Amy Yang Chella Choi Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Mikiemcg1-1 Chella Choi Azahara Munoz Chella Choi Eliminated (Missed Cut)
cthiemens1-3 Cristie Kerr So Yeon Ryu Cristie Kerr Survived
DBL45-1 Cristie Kerr Chella Choi Cristie Kerr Survived
rysr1948-3 Cristie Kerr Nelly Korda Cristie Kerr Survived
girardg-1 Cristie Kerr Sung Hyun Park Cristie Kerr Survived
Tiefa-4 Cristie Kerr Mi Jung Hur Cristie Kerr Survived
Tuttafan-1 Cristie Kerr Brooke M. Henderson Cristie Kerr Survived
Lemon-4 Cristie Kerr Gerina Piller Cristie Kerr Survived
Manatees-4 Cristie Kerr Brooke M. Henderson Cristie Kerr Survived
Perpetual Fade-4 Gerina Piller Gerina Piller Survived
Lemon-1 Harukyo Nomura Gerina Piller Harukyo Nomura Survived
girardg-3 In Gee Chun Lexi Thompson In Gee Chun Survived
lbeazy-2 In Gee Chun Brooke M. Henderson In Gee Chun Survived
bribrim-3 In Gee Chun Sei Young Kim In Gee Chun Survived
bribrim-5 Lexi Thompson Lydia Ko Lexi Thompson Survived
Dougjnew12014-1 Lexi Thompson Amy Yang Lexi Thompson Survived
Swedish_birdie-2 Lexi Thompson Sei Young Kim Lexi Thompson Survived
mhpuey-1 Lexi Thompson Amy Yang Lexi Thompson Survived
Mikiemcg1-2 Lizette Salas Jenny Shin Lizette Salas Eliminated (Missed Cut)
bribrim-9 Lydia Ko Lexi Thompson Lydia Ko Survived
DMPDetroit-1 Mi Jung Hur Ryann O'Toole Mi Jung Hur Survived
Lemon-3 Mi Jung Hur Gerina Piller Mi Jung Hur Survived
bkbisu-2 Mi Jung Hur Carlota Ciganda Mi Jung Hur Survived
cooler4-2 Mi Rim Lee Mi Jung Hur Mi Rim Lee Survived
bkbisu-3 Mi Rim Lee Carlota Ciganda Mi Rim Lee Survived
nevblake-1 Minjee Lee Jessica Korda Minjee Lee Survived
yemanator-1 Morgan Pressel Brittany Lang Morgan Pressel Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Mikiemcg1-4 Sarah Jane Smith Brittany Lang Sarah Jane Smith Survived
ReGripped-2 Sei Young Kim Sei Young Kim Survived
ReGripped-4 Sei Young Kim Sei Young Kim Survived
girardg-4 Sei Young Kim Lydia Ko Sei Young Kim Survived
Lab7777-1 Sei Young Kim Cristie Kerr Sei Young Kim Survived
bribrim-4 Shanshan Feng So Yeon Ryu Shanshan Feng Survived
nevblake-3 So Yeon Ryu Mi Jung Hur So Yeon Ryu Survived
colydou-8 So Yeon Ryu Paula Reto So Yeon Ryu Survived
Tiefa-2 So Yeon Ryu Anna Nordqvist So Yeon Ryu Survived
girardg-2 So Yeon Ryu Cristie Kerr So Yeon Ryu Survived
Tuttafan-8 So Yeon Ryu Ariya Jutanugarn So Yeon Ryu Survived
Lab7777-4 So Yeon Ryu Sei Young Kim So Yeon Ryu Survived
ak32-1 So Yeon Ryu Lydia Ko So Yeon Ryu Survived
mhpuey-3 So Yeon Ryu Gerina Piller So Yeon Ryu Survived
MikeyZ21-1 So Yeon Ryu Brittany Lang So Yeon Ryu Survived
bkbisu-1 Sung Hyun Park Carlota Ciganda Sung Hyun Park Survived
Manatees-5 Suzann Pettersen Brooke M. Henderson Suzann Pettersen Survived
MikeyZ21-2 Suzann Pettersen Sung Hyun Park Suzann Pettersen Survived
MillWood-1 Yani Tseng Gerina Piller Yani Tseng Eliminated (Missed Cut)