Make The Cut: 2017 Marathon Classic

Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

Entry Name Primary Pick Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
ak32-1 Mi Rim Lee Gerina Piller Mi Rim Lee Survived
bribrim-9 Gerina Piller Amy Yang Gerina Piller Survived
colydou-3 Angela Stanford Cydney Clanton Angela Stanford Survived
colydou-8 Stacy Lewis Bronte Law Stacy Lewis Survived
cthiemens1-3 Amy Yang Sung Hyun Park Amy Yang Survived
DBL45-1 Amy Yang Brittany Lang Amy Yang Survived
girardg-2 Gerina Piller Candie Kung Gerina Piller Survived
girardg-3 Mi Rim Lee Lizette Salas Mi Rim Lee Survived
nevblake-3 Stacy Lewis In Gee Chun Stacy Lewis Survived
Tuttafan-1 Sung Hyun Park Jenny Shin Sung Hyun Park Survived
cooler4-2 Jenny Shin Chella Choi Jenny Shin Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Lab7777-1 Jenny Shin Gerina Piller Jenny Shin Eliminated (Missed Cut)