Make The Cut: 2017 Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic

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Entry Name Primary Pick Alternate Pick Final Pick Pick Status
Brittany_Benven24-1 Belen Mozo Belen Mozo Survived
Brittany_Benven24-2 Gerina Piller Gerina Piller Survived
Brittany_Benven24-3 Melissa Reid Melissa Reid Survived
Brittany_Benven24-4 Belen Mozo Belen Mozo Survived
Julia Roth-1 Brooke M. Henderson Brooke M. Henderson Survived
Julia Roth-2 Nicole Broch Larsen Nicole Broch Larsen Survived
Megan Osland-1 Brittany Lincicome Candie Kung Brittany Lincicome Survived
Megan Osland-2 Stacy Lewis Brooke M. Henderson Stacy Lewis Survived
Megan Osland-3 Amy Yang Alena Sharp Amy Yang Survived
Megan Osland-4 Jessica Korda Angela Stanford Jessica Korda Survived
sandypar_am-1 Brooke M. Henderson Charley Hull Brooke M. Henderson Survived
sandypar_am-2 Austin Ernst Ally McDonald Austin Ernst Survived
sandypar_am-4 Alena Sharp Gaby Lopez Alena Sharp Survived
Julia Roth-3 Madelene Sagstrom Madelene Sagstrom Eliminated (Missed Cut)
Julia Roth-4 Vicky Hurst Vicky Hurst Eliminated (Missed Cut)
sandypar_am-3 Madelene Sagstrom Laura Gonzalez Escallon Madelene Sagstrom Eliminated (Missed Cut)