Pick-4: 2017 Blue Bay LPGA

Ladies Dream Golf is not in action for the 2018 Season. Please check back in 2019.

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Number of Fantasy Participants: 123

Best Possible Score: 570,820

Worst Possible Score: 17,296

Best/Worst Picks:

Group 1 Best: Shanshan Feng
Group 1 Worst: Mi Jung Hur

Group 2 Best: Jessica Korda
Group 2 Worst: Jennifer Song

Group 3 Best: Megan Khang
Group 3 Worst: Laura Gonzalez Escallon

Group 4 Best: Na Yeon Choi
Group 4 Worst: Yanjiao Jiang

Most Picked Players:

Group 1: Shanshan Feng (Picked 32 times)

Group 2: Lizette Salas (Picked 37 times)

Group 3: Nelly Korda (Picked 33 times)

Group 4: Xiyu Lin (Picked 28 times)