Gator Girl

2017 Pick-4 History for Gator Girl

2017 Kingsmill ChampionshipLexi Thompson (1)Brittany Lincicome (23T)Nelly Korda (31T)Jackie Stoelting (50T)6/165
2017 Texas ShootoutStacy Lewis (17T)Brittany Lincicome (32T)Nelly Korda (40T)Jackie Stoelting (CUT)129/169
2017 LOTTE ChampionshipStacy Lewis (7T)Brittany Lincicome (CUT)Michelle Wie (39T)Jackie Stoelting (64T)T123/173
2017 ANA InspirationLexi Thompson (2)Brittany Lincicome (CUT)Alison Lee (27T)Nelly Korda (42T)80/175
2017 Kia ClassicStacy Lewis (45T)Brittany Lincicome (11T)Sandra Gal (CUT)Nelly Korda (49T)T105/171
2017 Founders CupStacy Lewis (2T)Brittany Lincicome (24T)Sandra Gal (13T)Nelly Korda (19T)8/170
2017 HSBC Womens ChampionsLexi Thompson (25T)Brooke M. Henderson (4T)Brittany Lincicome (44T)Angela Stanford (20)79/166
2017 Honda LPGA ThailandLexi Thompson (4T)Brooke M. Henderson (45T)Brittany Lincicome (13)Lizette Salas (54T)66/171
2017 ISPS Handa Womens Australian OpenBrooke M. Henderson (21T)Sandra Gal (46T)Melissa Reid (CUT)Nelly Korda (40T)T121/164
2017 Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA ClassicBrooke M. Henderson (21T)Brittany Lincicome (1)Kris Tamulis (CUT)Cheyenne Woods (47T)T29/176

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